Street Work Out

Love a killer workout but have no time to train? No Problem!

Try my once a week one hundred minute interval street workout!

What makes this program is our world class coach and you, ordinary people, who work hard for their families during the week, who get an opportunity once a week , to come together and train like a professional athlete!

Flip a giant tyre! Deadlift for 40 straight seconds rest for 20 seconds and then do it again! gasp as your lungs burn while you sprint suicides with your neighbours on your very own street! Train like an athlete in the most positive, inspiring atmosphere, your neighbourhood, that will challenge your limits and redefine your mental barriers

Get world class fitness instruction from your Tiger Athletic Personal Trainer Aubrey! Achieve your physical potential and the best version of you in an upbeat, inspirational and unique training environment that inspires your participation and success.

I believe everyone is an athlete! With the right motivation & fitness instruction anyone at any age can get fit & live strong ! While your street is a key component of this fitness program, you also get the privilege to exercise with your family and neighbours!

You’re encouraged to move at your own pace and encouraged to push yourself as hard as you personally are willing to go! Sessions are always motivational, safe, different and fun! Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiastic amateur or a competitive professional, I will train you to look and feel like an athlete.

Classes are held every weekend by appointment in your neighbourhood! No need to leave your partner at home, bring them and make it a family affair!


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  1. Love a killer workout but have no time to train? No Problem!

    Try our one hundred minute workout at the world’s greatest cricket stadium !

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