Free Yourself

Simple, effective, efficient workouts with a personal trainer that are based on your health and fitness assessment, motivation, coaching science, education and your goals. Tiger Athletic is a private, appointment only strength and conditioning gym offering revolutionary 50 minute workouts in the heart of Sandton. You can pop in have a workout, a refreshment and head back to your life in an hour!

Your body. Your rules. We allow you to find the right fitness routine for you, ensuring you meet your goals quickly and safely by designing your fitness solution based on your lifestyle, state of  health and goals.

We believe everyone is an athlete. We employ the same sport science protocols to train you that we use on professional high performance athletes. It simply is the best way for you to achieve real results.

Tiger Athletic Fitness & Conditioning motivates, assesses, trains and educates clients in a private, appointment only, personal trainer led facility providing an extraordinary simple, efficient and effective 50-minute workout in the heart of Sandton!

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