Custom Goal & Program Development

Simple, effective, efficient workouts with a personal trainer that are based on your health and fitness assessment, motivation, coaching science, education and your goals. Tiger Athletic is a private, appointment only strength and conditioning gym offering revolutionary 50 minute workouts in the heart of Sandton. You can pop in have a workout, a refreshment and head back to your life in an hour!

Personal training that uses physical assessments that give consideration to your unique health and exercise history and your unique personal wellness goals, there is no “one size fits all” test or set of tests that will suit you and your unique circumstances. Tiger Athletic chooses valid and reliable tests specific to your physique, health and individual  wellness goals.

We offer revolutionary, goal-specific strength & conditioning programs that focus on building strength as a foundation for lifelong fitness. Full body workouts that address strength, flexibility, cardio, balance, agility and muscular alignment.

Tiger Athletic is a modern facility, your personal trainer records and manages your health and fitness assessment to design a that incorporates your goals and interests, this for us is the ‘personal” in personal training.

Your trainer monitors your fitness levels and goals and makes subsequent adjustments to the program in an ongoing cycle as your develop aesthetically ato ensure ongoing change towards your goals.

Our trainers use these assessments to gather baseline data for developing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic time based goals and effective exercise programs. The various pieces of information gathered, gives us a broader perspective of who you are as an individual. The processes and data collected assist your Personal Trainer, in identifying potential areas of injury and reasonable starting points for recommended intensities and volumes of exercise based on those goals and fitness outcomes.

Tiger Athletic Sandton utilizes the information gathered from physical assessments in conjunction with personal information gathered in your consultation and health appraisal to plan a time efficient, body specific program that is designed to help you achieve your goals. Understanding your personal characteristics and lifestyle factors helps us to plan sessions that are reasonable in length, frequency, intensity and complexity. Tiger Athletic Sandton believes developing short, medium and long term goals with you, is critical for both exercise program design and your motivation to stick to the plan and achieve success.

Fitness Assessment for accurate, body specific training program design is our go to tool for ensuring you reach your goals efficiently and effectively and is a must have component of your training success.


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  1. Assessment of health, or skill related fitness components, or both, provides both your Personal Trainer and you with baseline information that is used to develop safe, effective and appropriately challenging goals to keep you developing and motivated to not only stick to the plan but do more!