Kids Karate Fitness

Improve mental awareness, coordination, strength, confidence, leadership skills, organisation, speed, agility,and self respect in your child with Kids Karate Fitness!

It all come from learning how to kick, block and punch!

Kids Karate Fitness is designed to be fun for children and to enrich their lives with the unique benefits of self defense & age appropriate exercise, to teach your child physical literacy and to develop basic life skills.

Seeking a safe, wholesome, useful activity for your child’s free time? You don’t want your children to sit at home watching television or playing electronic games all the time after structured activities at school. You want your child to get involved in something that impresses upon your child the value of being able to set and follow through on goals. Kids Karate Fitness intrinsically helps in that respect by developing personal growth and self discipline.

Kids Karate Fitness is continuing education for kids. If your child is new to self defense training or  if your kids have found other ‘martial arts’ classes to be repetitive and boring, they HAVE to try a Class, this is a great place to start!

Children learn valuable, age appropriate life lessons and because their physical co-ordination is developing they are able to  enjoy more extensive and complicated drills as they grow. The advantages of this program are endless, for starters, it builds confidence, commitment and coordination.

Unlike in traditional martial arts lessons children are taught one on one or as a pair, in a manner that builds their self image and teaches them patience, focus and self discipline, that will help them become functional, successful adults. The best part of the program is that, IT’S FUN!

Children will learn valuable life skills, like, how to handle themselves in emergencies as well as daily situations. They learn about supporting one another, being aware of the environment and controlling their bodies while they learn self defense and environmental awareness techniques.

Kids Karate Fitness teaches basic strikes, blocks and kicks as well as falls, rolls and escapes. Your child is not a ‘small’ adult, mentally or physiologically. They have specific characteristics that are consistent with other children in their age group, or stage of development; physically, mentally, socially and intellectually and the program delivery is sensitive to your particular childs stage of development. As children achieve higher levels of proficiency technically, the program follows an age appropriate program of physical activity taught at an age appropriate pace.

The six (6) areas of targeted development for your child in this program are:

  1. Self Defense.
  2. Leadership.
  3. Dynamic Performance.
  4. Organisation.
  5. Physical Development.
  6. Mental Development.

This program gives your child a large variety of physical and mental drills and practice on their life skills. Each class includes stretches, warm ups, drills, important skills and discussions of a personal development issue. Classes are tailored for children, keeping them interested and focused. Motivation is a key concept they learn in class and apply to the rest of their lives.

Classes are held by appointment only at Tiger Athletic Sandton.

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