What Is Tiger Athletic Sandton’s Unique Approach?

Tiger Athletic Fitness & Conditioning is a fitness company that uses an individualised approach to motivate, assess, train and educate clients regards their fitness & health needs via a personal trainer, using state-of-the-art strength & conditioning equipment, methods and revolutionary circuits. Providing an extraordinary workout that is simple, efficient and effective in 45 minutes. All this in the heart of Sandton!

Our fitness programs are designed to help clients get into optimum physical condition, enhancing mental and physical performance through our ‘strong body, strong mind’ philosophy that is detailed in a simple four step process that ensures your personal training program is custom designed around your individual wellness goals and personality.

Step 1: Lifestyle Consultation & Health Appraisal – Your personal trainer begins by gathering information regarding a client’s personal health, lifestyle and exercise readiness. This consultation process is used in appraising health status and developing comprehensive programs of exercise to safely and effectively meet individual objectives. Vital is to screen participants for risk factors and symptoms of chronic cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and orthopaedic diseases to optimise safety during exercise testing and participation.

Step 2: Fitness Assessment Selection and Administration– next your personal trainer assesses your current level of fitness and skills before developing a custom program for you. The purpose is to provide a basis for developing goals and effective exercise programs. The information collected assists the trainer in identifying potential areas of injury and reasonable starting points regards intensity and volumes of exercise based on those goals and fitness outcomes. Your individualized program that incorporates your personality and goals is what we regard as the “personal” in personal training.

Step 3: Custom Goal & Program Development – Your personal trainer uses information from the physical assessment in conjunction with personal information gathered in the consultation and health appraisal to plan a time efficient, specific program that will help the client to achieve his/her goals. Understanding a client’s personal characteristics and current lifestyle factors helps the personal trainer to plan sessions that are reasonable in length, frequency, intensity and complexity so that the client is more likely to continue adhering to the program while having fun!

Step 4 – Book Your Appointments – Tiger Athletic is a personal trainer led facility & all sessions are by appointment only to ensure you reach your goals as efficiently & safely as possible.

Our seven (7) flagship programs are:

  1. Katana – Total Body Strength & Conditioning – Katana is a one of a kind, pragmatic, total-body, strength & conditioning workout with brand new, routines daily, ensuring you never repeat the same class in a month. https://tigerathletic.blog/2017/08/31/katana-total-body-strength-conditioning/
  2. Cardio Boxing – Boxing training sessions involve every muscle in the body, especially the core, shoulders, abs and obliques. A good boxing workout tones your legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back and helps you build a strong core – pretty much everything. https://tigerathletic.blog/2017/07/19/cardio-boxing/
  3. Strength & Conditioning – The average woman in her 30s who strength-trains two times a week for 30 to 40 minutes will burn an extra 100 calories a day within four months. In other words, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body burns. https://tigerathletic.blog/2017/07/22/strength-conditioning/
  4. Cardio Kickboxing – Cardio Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and whip yourself into shape in no time. https://tigerathletic.blog/2017/07/19/1495/
  5. 30 Step Weight Loss Program – Jumpstart your weight loss with this 30-Step weight loss program of expert tips, meal plans and workouts!  https://wordpress.com/post/tigerathletic.blog/1190
  6. Protect Yourself – The official Tiger Athletic self-defence program. You can start the program at any time and participate in any class without previous training experience. https://tigerathletic.blog/2017/05/18/escape-plan/
  7. Lifestyle Management Program (LMP) – Tiger Athletic offers a structured, action-oriented health promotion initiative designed to help individuals and corporate teams improve their health, reduce health risks and promote healthy behavior. https://tigerathletic.blog/2016/11/23/bespoke-lifestyle-management-program/

All programs are delivered via a personal trainer.

Let’s chat about your health?

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