Tiger Athletic. A Modern Approach.

Tiger Athletic employs a personalised approach to assess, motivate, coach and educate in an extraordinary workout, that is simple, efficient and effective in 45 minutes, in a private, modern, appointment only gym in the heart of Sandton!

We follow a simple, four step process in designing your tailormade exercise program.

Consultation & Health Appraisal

A vital screening mechanism one can view as instrumental in appraising health status and developing programs of exercise to safely and effectively meet your objectives.

Fitness Assessment Selection and Administration

Used to identify potential areas of injury and to establish reasonable starting points regards intensity and volumes of exercise based on your goals and fitness outcomes.

Custom Goal & Program Development

An exercise program using personality characteristics, current lifestyle factors,  information from the physical assessment and personal information gathered in the consultation and health appraisal is delivered in sessions that are reasonable in length, frequency, intensity and complexity. An exercise program designed around your body, personality and goals is what we regard as the “personal” in personal training.

Book For Your Consultation & Health Appraisal

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