The ultimate challenge of muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. All-out effort, minimal rest, and an elevated heart rate make this workout the ultimate challenge to stubborn fat!

A 40 minute body conditioning class with a personal trainer and the latest workout music in a private, modern, appointment only strength & conditioning gym in the heart of Sandton! A stronger, leaner physique with this modern approach to small group fitness for weight loss & toning!

We use health and fitness assessment, motivation, coaching science and education with participation in this class limited to only 4 people per class. A full body resistance circuit, using state-of-the-art plate loaded equipment, free weights, calisthenics and the latest workout music to deliver an exciting, efficient and effective workout.

This is the only group training class of its kind, pairing a small enough class to allow for personalised attention from our strength and conditioning coach with exciting classes and the vibe and motivation of group fitness.

With two lunchtime classes per day to accommodate the busiest schedule, private shower and change room, premium coffee, refreshments, audio visual entertainment and a de-stress zone, you can pop in, workout and return to your life refreshed and refocused in under an hour!

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