Do More. Be More.

Life is full of stressful challenges, long hours, real issues and high stakes that can negatively impact your health and pocket. We offer simple and effective strength & conditioning programs and nutritional advice that enable your body to work beyond office hours, meet deadlines, handle pressure and look and feel good while doing it.

Our fitness programs are based on your current health and goals, improving fitness, aesthetic appearance, stress levels, cognition and mental toughness. Programs that are pre-emptive because they are based on screening for risk factors associated with cardiovascular, orthopedic, metabolic and pulmonary disorders before they happen rather than waiting for a ‘wake-up call’ to force you improve your health and lifestyle.

We create a culture of wellness and awareness in our clients by tailoring programs that encourage action and conversation about health and wellness through various workouts and resources on healthy eating and physical recreation. Tiger Athletic also offers 30 minute lunch-and-learn programs on topics such as “Controlling Your Cravings”, “Making Your Home A Slimmer Place”, “Finding The Hidden Sugar In Your Diet”, “Heart Healthy Habits”, Smoking Cessation, and “How To Safely Start An Exercise Program”.

With the combination of consultation, health appraisal and wearable technology, we offer the opportunity  to put health and wellness information to practical use in improving lives. At our private Sandton gym we track important measures such stress symptoms, body fat percentage and girth measurements so we can offer tailor made exercise solutions.

We offer simple, efficient and effective 50 minute workouts in a private, appointment only setting, so we can safely and effectively tackle lifestyle risks associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyle, reducing rates of illness, injury and absenteeism, improving personal well being, productivity and quality of life.