Working out with a personal trainer in a modern, private, appointment only gym is the gold standard method of reaching your weight loss and wellness goals, we all  know this, however the reality for most people is that as great as having a Personal Trainer is, it’s simply too expensive for some in our present economic climate…..or is it?

We all have an image in our hearts and minds of what the best version of ourselves looks like. Tiger Athletic offers an authentic workout experience for those who want to learn how to achieve that vision with our strength and conditioning program, while getting in the best shape of your life in a high-intensity small group fitness setting.

Join our close-knit fitness community with morning, mid-day and early evening classes to suit every diary. Build the strength, confidence and passion needed to realise your dream body with great people and industry leading personal training.

Developed as a result of a rigorous education in Coaching Science, over two decades of boxing, martial arts and high-performance strength and conditioning training as an athlete, Tiger Fit provides the most effective group fitness and conditioning workout in the market with each class capped at 8 people to retain the personal training attention that is at the centre of our workout philosophy.

Each session is run like a championship boxing match, consisting of a 3-minute dynamic warm-up followed by 12 x 3 minute ’rounds’ comprising of 12 strength and conditioning exercises, for a total body workout. Each round is 3 minutes of all out action with 1 minute of active rest and hydration between rounds for the best in class workout experience.

Burn upwards of 1,000 calories per class whether you are a working professional, a home executive or looking for a new challenge to get you to your dream body, for 50 minutes a day you can train like a professional athlete in a modern, private, appointment only gym with a world class trainer and not break the bank at R 400 per month!

Tiger Athletic is a modern, private, appointment only gym with a personal trainer for every session. Revolutionise your present workout regime or find a new way to sweat with us. We have you and your pocket covered to tone and shape your body to new levels of excellence.

Together Changes Everything. Let’s Workout.