Consultation & Health Appraisal

Attaining better health, physical appearance and reaching your personal wellness goals is without a doubt the number one priority of your personal trainer, but what tools within his scope of practice can he or she employ to guarantee a positive outcome from your investment in your health? At Tiger Athletic our first responsibility is to interview potential clients to gather pertinent information regarding their personal health, lifestyle and exercise readiness using our client consultation and health appraisal process.

The most important principle underlying the client consultation and health appraisal process is to screen clients for risk factors and symptoms of chronic cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and orthopaedic diseases in order to optimise safety during exercise testing and participation. This is achieved in the initial appointment, which is an interview to gather important information regarding personal health, lifestyle and exercise readiness.

We assess health status and stratify risk as a basis for referral to health care professionals for medical clearance, and development of comprehensive programs of exercise to safely and effectively meet the client’s personal objectives.

Purpose of Consultation and Health Appraisal

Tiger Athletic personal trainers’ scope of practice is as health and fitness professionals who use an individualised approach to assess, motivate, educate and train clients regarding their health and fitness needs. We design safe, effective exercise programs and provide the guidance to help clients achieve their personal goals. Recognising our area of expertise, we refer clients to other health care professionals when appropriate.

This vital objective of the client consultation and health appraisal is directly in line with the scope of practice of the personal trainer as defined by the NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer Job (Task) Analysis Committee. The best way to describe the role and responsibilities of our personal trainers in the pre-participation screening process is through the acronym MATER.

  • Motivate performance and compliance
  • Assess health status
  • Train clients safely to meet individual objectives
  • Educate clients to be informed consumers
  • Refer clients to health care professional where necessary

Delivery Process

We have a diverse health and fitness industry with no specific standardized process for the implementing the client consultation and health appraisal process. Typical delivery is predicated on four factors that dictate implementation

  1. Credentials of the personal trainer
  2. Site of delivery
  3. Specific population served
  4. Legal statute

The Tiger Athletic Way: Steps of the Client Consultation & Health Appraisal

  • Schedule interview appointment
  • Conduct interview
  • Implement and complete health appraisal forms with client
  • Evaluate for coronary risk factors, diagnosed disease, and lifestyle
  • Assess and interpret results
  • Refer to an allied health care professional when necessary
  • Obtain medical clearance and program recommendations

Our initial interview is therefore a scheduled appointment intended as a mutual sharing of information with the expected outcomes of assessing client-trainer compatibility, discussing goals and developing a client-trainer agreement.

Tiger Athletic is a modern, private, appointment only gym in Sandton, Johannesburg using a rigorous, results focused methodology that has attracted an exclusive high powered membership.

Joining Tiger Athletic is a two way commitment, all members must undergo our client consultation and health appraisal process and must commit to workout at least twice per week, however, special arrangements can be made for clients who meet the following criteria:

  • Those who routinely travel for business
  • Those who reside between Johannesburg and elsewhere
  • Non residents

We approach fitness scientifically to ensure proper form and alignment. Each session is conducted by a personal trainer for both safety and effectiveness and lasts 50 minutes.

You can’t fail with our modern approach to fitness. Book your consultation and health appraisal appointment and let us help you reach your goals.

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