Tiger Athletic is a the future of fitness. We offer the best personal training service money can buy. Your sessions are always private, just you and your trainer in the whole facility. Machines and equipment are cleaned for each client and hand sanitizer is also provided. We have been this way since we opened our doors in 2018

The Tiger Athletic Philosophy 

Each athlete that joins one of our programs goes through a short assessment; for them to meet their coach and for their coach to ask questions and take measurements that will help us to design and deliver a fitness program that takes into account your goals and physical make up.

This is a two way commitment, where we do everything within our scope of practice to help you be leaner, stronger, faster and you attend at least two workouts per week.

Let’s Workout

Aubrey ‘Tiger’ Ndisengei

‘Fortune Favors The Brave’

“Aubrey’s professionalism, his sense of humor and his sense of candor make the gym feel like a home away from home. He has a natural way of helping people confront their insecurities in such a way that helps them to embrace their fitness goals with confidence. His morals ensure that he would never recommend any fitness advice before having tried it out himself. I am confident in recommending clients to Aubrey to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.”

Cynthia Da Silva Laureano
Collaborating therapist at Barcelona Therapy and Lecturer at EU Business School

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