Does Your Personal Trainer Make You Money?

  The Executive Performance Program (EPP) is a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address team weaknesses with exercises that are planned and carried out strategically. Tiger Athletic Sandton offers a variety of exercises designed to address different issues that teams commonly face, exercise situations that will help your team to derive…

Martial Science: Ranks & Titles

People studying karate at the colour-belt level tend to think of a black belt as their ultimate goal. That frame of mind is useful up to a point, but once black belt level is reached an attitude adjustment usually becomes necessary. To achieve Shodan level (first-degree black belt) is really just the beginning of one’s…

Life Long Athlete Development Program (LLAD)

The Life Long Athlete Development Program (LLAD) is a framework for an optimal training, competition and recovery schedule for each stage of athletic development. Tiger Athletic uses this model and its practices as they are evidence based to produce athletes who reach their full athletic potential. Active for Life – Enter at any age. Train to Win – Male 19 +/- Females 18 +/-. Train…

Tiger Athletic Calisthenic Bible

The primary aim of The Tiger Athletic Calisthenic Bible is to teach and promote physical literacy. It is a widely held misconception that one needs to be a member of one of our expensive commercial gyms or have expensive gym equipment and supplements in order to lose weight, get stronger and live a more active,…

Understanding Stretching & Flexibility

This paper is a modest attempt to answer some frequently asked questions about stretching and flexibility. It is organized into sections covering the following topics: • Physiology of Stretching • Flexibility • Types of Stretching Physiology of Stretching The purpose of this section is to introduce you to some of the basic physiological concepts that…


Tiger Athletic Sandton introduces Tigerobics, a fun, modern, effective, time efficient, workout to burn fat and sculpt lean muscles. Long ago, to survive as a warrior, sharp skills in combat, top physical conditioning and clarity of mind had to be maintained. To achieve this, warriors practiced daily; it was a part of their “job”. Today…

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness is a fresh, innovative, modern take on the age old physical conditioning principle of outdoor calisthenics. Set in the outdoor environment, with world class fitness instruction and backed by Johannesburg’s premier personal training studio, this program offers you a unique opportunity to condition yourself outside of the confines of a gym. This program…

Understanding Overweight & Obesity

Communicating the results to you in an individualized training program, that incorporates your personal wellness goals and interests is what we regard as the “personal” in personal training and what separates your Tiger Athletic Personal Trainer Aubrey, from the rest ensuring your weight management success.

Custom Goal & Program Development

Your Personal Trainer at Tiger Athletic Sandton uses pertinent information about your current level of fitness gathered during your ‘unleash yourself’ screening and health assessment to develop a body specific, goal centered  exercise program. Tiger Athletic Sandton employs physical assessments that are specific to you, give consideration to your unique health and exercise history and…

Free Yourself

Tiger Athletic Fitness & Conditioning is a fitness company that uses an individualised approach to assess, motivate, train and educate clients regards their fitness & health needs via a personal trainer, using state-of-the-art strength & conditioning equipment, coaching science and revolutionary circuits. Providing an extraordinary workout that is simple, efficient and effective in 45 minutes….

Breakfast:Five Perfect Protein Sources.

Eggs may be the most popular protein choice for breakfast, but don’t get stuck thinking inside the shell. Check out these 5 awesome, unconventional protein sources!

Street Work Out

Love a killer workout but have no time to train? No Problem!

Try our one hundred minute workout at the world’s greatest cricket stadium !

How Much Is Your Personal Trainer?

Our programs are designed to help clients get into optimum physical condition to enhance peak mental performance through our ‘strong body, strong mind’ philosophy and simple four (4) step method.